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Building Custom Homes: Size

The size of your home beyond mere square footage; it’s about creating a space that harmonizes with your lifestyle and future aspirations. A thoughtfully considered size  ensures that your home meets the immediate needs of your family, allowing for functional spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms, and common areas. Moreover, an adept understanding of size paves the way for future-proofing your home, accommodating potential changes in your family structure or lifestyle. Whether it’s about creating an efficient home office, designing ample storage, or crafting intimate living spaces, the size of your custom house acts as the canvas upon which your unique vision unfolds. In essence, it is the key to achieving the right blend of comfort, functionality, and enduring satisfaction in your new home.

Bedroom Requirements

 The number of bedrooms in your home is a fundamental consideration, influencing not only your current lifestyle but also accommodating potential changes. Ask yourself how many bedrooms you need now and whether any additional rooms might be necessary in the future. Consider guest rooms, children’s rooms, or the possibility of a home gym or hobby room.

Common Living Spaces

Define the common living spaces that best suit your family and lifestyle. Whether it’s a spacious family room, a cozy living room, or an outdoor entertainment area, consider the activities and gatherings that matter most to you. A well-designed layout can enhance the flow of your home and facilitate family interaction.

Bathroom Needs

Assessing your bathroom requirements is equally crucial. Consider the number of family members and guests you expect to accommodate. Additionally, think about whether you want en-suite bathrooms, accessibility features, or luxurious spa-like spaces. Tailoring the number and style of bathrooms to your preferences ensures comfort and convenience.

Home Office Space

With the rise of remote work, a dedicated home office has become a priority for many homeowners. Evaluate whether you need a separate room for a home office or if a multifunctional space can serve this purpose. Consider factors like natural light, noise isolation, and technology needs to create an optimal work environment.

Parking Facilities

Assess your parking needs and preferences. Do you need a garage for multiple cars, or is driveway parking sufficient? Consider factors like weather conditions and local regulations when planning your parking facilities. A well-designed parking area not only provides convenience but also contributes to the overall aesthetics of your home.

Integrating into communities through our own Infill builds

Infill North Edmonton Custom Home Builder - The Nihilo - -10


The Nihilo design reconsidered how a corner lot could be utilized, such as three outdoor spaces rather than traditional front and rear yards. The southern front exposure where the seven foot architectural projection aides as a grande entrance and limits the sun’s ability to penetrate the primary bedroom windows. The North facing exposure has a wall of windows with an open to below. The west facing elevation is equipped with a main floor three season alfresco and covered second floor patio.


The Gibson is designed to be built on a typical 33′ wide lot while still allowing extra sideyard space to help avoid disrupting existing neighbours.

Moreover, at over 2200 square feet, it’s a big enough home to put on even larger lots without the need to widen allowing for more yard and cost savings on grading and drainage.

Infill North Edmonton Custom Home Builder - The Gibson - -16

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