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Meet the Northerners: Alyssa & Derek

Like most people in 2020, Alyssa and Derek spent a lot less time on vacation and way more time at home. It was part of what started their active planning into buying and building their first home! They took the time to tour homes, get to know a few different neighbourhoods, and fully dive into creating that must-have list (we all have one of those, right?) for their future house.

They were intent on letting their personality come through in their house and weren’t afraid to go bold and fun with their design choices. The end-result left them with a home they love in a neighbourhood they might never want to leave.

Building: Choosing our Home Builder

What made you go Yes, Matt is who I want to build with?

Choosing Matt as our builder was an easy decision for us, primarily because of his reputation combined with a laid-back and approachable demeanor. From the moment we met him, Matt had the best balance between excitement, confidence, and an easy-going attitude that instantly put us at ease.

Matt came highly recommended by mutual friends. Knowing that people we trust had positive experiences working with him gave us confidence in his abilities and the overall quality of his work.

What was the most surprising thing about the home building process?

The most surprising aspect of the home building process was discovering that the sky was truly the limit when it came to the design possibilities. We’d done our fair share of Pinterest-dreaming and gathering ideas, so combining that with Matt’s creativity seemed boundless.

His ability to generate non-stop creative concepts while providing his own expertise as a builder is what kept us on track for our build. Matt kept things smooth from start to finish, and turned our vision into something tangible.

Neighbourhood: King Edward Park

Did you find the neighbourhood or did the neighbourhood find you?

Initially drawn to the charm and character of older neighborhoods, particularly those in the south-central area, we actively sought out a location that resonated with our preferences. We loved the idea of a tight-knit community that was close to all the amenities important to our lifestyle.

Matt presented us with an unexpected opportunity when he mentioned two lots in a neighborhood that hadn’t initially been on our radar. We visited King Edward Park, a neighbourhood that—if we’re being honest—we’d never even heard of before, and we were instantly charmed.

What was the most surprising thing about the home building process?

Our attachment to the neighborhood deepened everyday, and we were soon in love with our little corner of Edmonton.

The walkable nature of where we wanted to live had been one of the reasons we had been initially looking in the areas we were. King Edward Park did not disappoint! The convenience of having so many local businesses nearby not only added the vibrancy we were looking for to our daily routines but also fostered a sense of community within our immediate surroundings.

It took no time at all for our new neighbourhood to really feel like home.

Design: Our Infill North Home

What’s the first feature that comes to mind when you think about your favorite thing about your house?

Like we mentioned—we were not new to Pinterest-dreaming, so we went into building with Matt with a whole board of house inspiration.

At the top of the list was our primary bathroom. As with the rest of the process, Matt was amazing to bounce ideas off of and even sold us on including a steam shower (a feature that we couldn’t go without now). Something that carried through from our list of must-haves was the tile wall, and again, Matt turned it into a stunning reality.

What room do you spend the most time in? And what room do you wish you spent more time in?

It should come as no surprise now that you know how much we wanted an epic primary bathroom… that’s the room we spend the most time in. It’s the perfect combination of luxury and practicality.

The room we wish we spent more time enjoying is actually our front room! The lighting is beautiful in there (and we adore the built-in shelf).

What we do enjoy regularly about though is credited to Matt suggesting we keep an opening in the wall to maintain the natural light flow into the kitchen room, though we equally love the privacy that the wall gives us from feeling like a fishbowl on our street.

Integrating into communities through our own Infill builds

11133 66 St-1

The Gibson | Highlands, Edmonton

The biggest challenge to overcome was designing a facade that, architecturally, the neighbourhood would embrace and call its own. The feedback and support we’ve received touch on the simple but timeless colours and material with brick, hardi board, and black and white features. 

The towering main and second floor bay windows give the Gibson a heritage feel from the outside but provides usuable space in both the office and primary bedroom. 

The Nihilo | Ritchie, Edmonton

Intergrating a new home into a mature neighbourhood established in 1955 can be difficult as the architecture surrounding the lot is predominantly post World War II raised bungalows. Without much architecture in the neighbourhood to align with, a new infill inevitably stands out. We feel taking the opportunity on a high exposure lot to provide three tasteful elevations is welcomed by the community. In fact, the first hand support we receive from passerbuyers has been overwhelmingly positive. The feedback has been an appreciation for an atypical design that is both modern but rustic at the same time

Infill North Edmonton Custom Home Builder - The Nihilo - -2

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