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The Anacapa
in Ritchie, Edmonton

The Anacapa, named after the magical island in California where this couple shared their most memorable adventure. We were thrilled to work with these two building a home in Ritchie just down the road from The Nihilo
In true west coast fashion, the Anacapa incorporated solar panels and a heat pump along with a wood burning stove for the winter.

A few Design Trends
We Hope Stick Around

We know everyone is prone to appeasing their own tastes when it comes to home design—and we’re actually all for leaning into your own style when it comes to building new. It’s common to see people pull inspiration from trends, whether that’s Pinterest, Instagram, or something they see on TV.

More Color

This is something we enjoy helping clients incorporate into the design of their home. The beige and greige everything we’ve seen the last few years is making room for colors in homes again. Color can be difficult to commit to, especially when it’s in something a little more permanent and long term than paint. However, when it’s done right, it looks stunning.

Design Features as Artwork

Houses have potential beyond being just a set of walls with a roof. It’s a lot easier to bring a creative touch into your home with furniture and decor, but we love seeing people invest into their home design on an even bigger scale.

BJB Woodshop has made some magic happen for us before, and we were thrilled to have them come into the Anacapa to work their magic.

Infill North Custom Home Builder Edmonton Ritchie-102

We’re looking forward to revisiting these Northerners once they’ve had a chance to settle in—we love seeing how our clients truly make their space their own.

We’ll diving into the details of the solar panel system that went into this Infill build, as well as the heat pump + woodstove combination that made this home self sufficient.

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