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Benefits of In-House Design when Building a Custom Home

Design-build services present significant advantages to people looking to build a custom home. Design can be executed through either in-house capabilities or external outsourcing. The decision to go with a local home builder that offers in-house design services gives the future homeowner a multitude of enhanced benefits and support throughout the project lifecycle. When opting for a company with in-house design, it creates a seamless collaboration between design and construction teams, facilitating efficient communication and a more holistic understanding of the project’s vision, resulting in a successful and well-executed new home build.

Simplified Communication

Effective communication is the backbone of any successful construction project. In our case, communication is ingrained in the structure of the process. With design and construction teams working side by side, communication channels are streamlined, leading to a more transparent and cohesive exchange of ideas. This direct collaboration fosters a deeper understanding of project goals, constraints, and unique requirements. Clients benefit from having a single point of contact for both design and construction aspects, reducing the likelihood of miscommunication and fostering a more responsive and agile decision-making process.

Project Workflow

As a result of simple and easy communication between design and construction teams, the entire process is simplified and every phase transitions seamlessly into the next. In traditional construction models, the handover from design to construction can introduce complexities and potential misunderstandings. In contrast, in-house design services allow for a continuous and collaborative workflow, promoting efficiency and minimizing delays. This integrated workflow ensures that the vision conceived during the design phase is translated flawlessly into the constructed reality.

Comprehensive Support Throughout the Building Process

The process of building a custom house can stretch out for months, never mind including the time it took to settle on the design for a home. Working with a builder that was actively part of the design process gives you the opportunity to connect with the people that are also managing the construction of your new home. You’re not passed off or overlooked, and your home builder knows you and understand the concepts and reasons behind your home design. A custom home is an investment and getting to know everyone involved on both sides makes for a much easier and fun experience.

A few Custom Design Features
in the Nihilo


Built-In Dog Kennels

Pets are part of the family for many homeowners and there are some great ways to work in comfort and convenience for both the pets and owners. In addition to built-in kennels in The Nihilo, there is also a dog bathing station by the back door.

Custom Record Storage Shelf

Thinking of storage for your home is one thing, but planning for custom storage is a whole new level of functionality-meets-luxury.


Custom Designed Window wall

The wall of windows overlooking the yard at the Nihilo opens up the home to tons of natural lighting and a way to enjoy the outdoors from inside.

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