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What is an Infill Home?

Ever wandered through an older neighborhood and noticed a few shiny, new houses nestled among the classics? That’s infill housing in action.

Infill housing is the practice of building brand-new homes on older lots in well-established neighborhoods. It’s like giving a fresh coat of paint to your favorite room in your room.

It’s the perfect blend of nostalgia and luxury. You get to soak up the charm and character of the old neighborhood while reveling in all the new amenities and comforts a newly built home has to offer.

Infill housing isn’t just about building; it’s about revitalizing communities and breathing new life into familiar surroundings. So next time you spot one of those chic newcomers in your neck of the woods, you’ll know exactly what’s up—it’s infill housing, bringing the best of both worlds to a street near you.

Infill Homes in Edmonton

Edmonton’s housing landscape faces challenges in meeting diverse needs, prompting the rise of infill housing as a solution. Families seeking more space but wanting to stay in their neighborhoods opt for infill homes, while seniors looking to downsize may choose garden suites or multiplexes. Infill also offers opportunities for students and young professionals to live in mature neighborhoods, fostering vibrant communities close to work and amenities. This approach not only saves taxpayer money by avoiding additional infrastructure costs but also promotes walkability and reduces car reliance, positively impacting residents’ finances and time. Moreover, infill revitalizes both the physical and social aspects of neighborhoods, breathing new life into aging areas and supporting local businesses and amenities by attracting diverse residents.

The new zoning bylaw introduces increased flexibility for construction and development in Edmonton, allowing for a wider variety of housing types within existing neighborhoods without the need for rezoning. For instance, lots with single-family homes could now potentially be redeveloped into row housing without requiring rezoning. This zoning overhaul enables a range of housing options, including detached or semi-detached homes with secondary suites, row housing, or small apartments, all within a single residential zone. This shift aims to streamline the development review process, offering greater consistency and predictability for both applicants and the public. Moreover, it is anticipated that permitting times will decrease due to the clearer rules and broader zones outlined in the new bylaw, potentially even allowing for automation of the permitting process in the future.

Read more about the new zoning bylaw coming into effect January 2024.


Integrating Infill Homes into Edmonton Neighbourhoods

Integrating infill homes into their surrounding communities is vital for maintaining the neighborhood’s character and identity. It’s crucial that these new developments pay homage to the architectural style and aesthetic of the existing homes, ensuring they blend harmoniously with the established streetscape. This involves thoughtful design choices that respect the history and heritage of the area while incorporating modern amenities and features. By preserving the unique charm and visual appeal of the neighborhood, infill homes contribute to its sense of continuity and pride. Engaging with local residents and gathering input on design preferences can further enhance the process, fostering a sense of ownership and collaboration within the community. Ultimately, by honoring the essence of the neighborhood in their construction, infill homes become not just new additions, but integral parts of the vibrant tapestry of the community.

Why We Specialize in Infill Housing

Community is at the heart of everything we do, and there’s a reason we build in places we love. We want our homes to reflect the character, values, and unique charm of each area we build in. This is done a few ways—fostering meaningful connections with residents, listening to their needs and preferences, and collaborating closely throughout the entire process. By engaging with the community every step of the way, we ensure that our homes not only meet but exceed expectations, becoming cherished additions to the vibrant tapestry of Edmonton’s neighborhoods.

A few Edmonton Communities We've Built in (And Love)

Highlands, Edmonton

We have two of our latest completed homes in Highlands and they’re both standing tall right next two each other. The Kingston & The Gibson are currently on the market and while we love them, we’ll be sad to see them go.

Ritchie, Edmonton

We’re going to embrace our bias here and say that Ritchie is probably the best neighbourhood in Edmonton. Walkable, close to everything we love, and The Nihilo was named a Finalist in the CHBA Awards of Excellence in the Edmonton Region.

King Edward Park

A couple of our first builds as Infill North are in King Edward Park. We recently popped over to one of them and had the pleasure of seeing how they’ve settled into their house. Check out their experience building with us over on our blog.

Have questions about building a custom infill home in Edmonton? Reach out on social media or send us a message directly through our contact page.

Collaborate with Infill North

If you’re a local Edmonton business, we’d love to check you out. If you have a collaboration in mind, send us your fun ideas. Or if you know a local business that think might jive with us, send them our way. Contact Infill North.